So here is the start of something great.  I had no intention of blogging about baking or health or gluten-freedom… or cookies for that matter.  I figured because I loved them so much (cookies this is, and chocolate chip cookies to be exact), I would learn to make them.  I did not learn fast.  I’ll go into that story at a later time.

I am an experimenter.  I am not so much a well-learned baker, cook, or chef.  My cooking experiences have been similar to my business experiences, my experiences with men, prior to meeting my fantastic husband, and my faith journey.  I truly just believed that God would take care of my decisions …even if I was not super careful and I would probably have a more fun time doing it if I did not worry too much about what I was supposed to be doing.

So now I am throwing myself into a new business venture and starting my gluten-free baking company! It takes a lot more work than I thought, but here I go!

What will you see here?

  • Cookie reviews, and potentially other gluten-free snacks
  • Tales of my baking
  • New ideas and experiments
  • Baked True North news

So… stay tuned for some exciting times as I find out what it takes to be a bakery business owner woman!

~Lauren Marts

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